Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Firing up the blog again!

Well, I last STOPPED blogging about what was happening in our lives at the end of 2006. Mainly due to the length of time it took to upload photos on our website (feel free to relive the past by visiting there). I started a blog for my real estate website and decided it would be fun to get back in to posting our life's adventures for family and friends. It is so hard to keep tabs on everyone and what they are doing... just a little way to connect again and share with those we love!

It has been a busy year (2007 to now) I will post Ella's first year Youtube video for your enjoyment and to catch up to August 2007. Then I will post a few photos and notes until now. Shouldn't take too long right???

In general we are doing well as a family! I never remember teeth coming in as being soooo painful... but as an adult, we have re-lived our own baby pains! Ella has all her teeth now (sigh) but I am sure the 2nd year molars are not far off. She is very tall and takes most after Dale. We are not sure where her vicarious personality came from but she is busy, busy, busy! She is a climber and also, seems to be, training as a gymnast. Hanging from things and balancing on things (look mommy at what I can do... no hands!) which proved to be a little ouchy when she took a header off the end of the deck last weekend! I am grateful our neighbors are a paramedic and a nurse... just in case!!

She is amazing and creates a love we never knew possible. She thinks her Daddy is the cat's meow and he is great to rough house and hang out with (mauling beings when he comes home from work)! She is sweet and caring with a sensitive side that is game for anything OUTSIDE! She has quite the vocabulary and can tell you exactly what she wants (then answers herself saying "okay" as if her request has been heard and shall be delivered shortly). Soon we will be leaving for Maui and I wanted to catch you all up so that you could enjoy Ella's exploration in Wailea. We have learned that we ARE cool people but no one really wants to know what we are up to... just what Ella is doing. So, back by popular demand... I give you Ella "the Puddin' Wilton"!!!