Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost 35 weeks... Paby it is....

It has been a busy week. I am not sure where the time goes? I can't believe today is Thursday! I am keeping up with my weekly OB appts, physical therapy and massage. It has been helping with my discomfort. Thursdays are a day that is packed with Dr.s!

Paby Wilton seems to be stickin'. Ella has nicknamed this baby Paby. No one will know what her name is until she is born but we do have some ideas. When we see her we will know. Until then, we call her Paby (Pab bee). Pretty cute... the Puddin' and Paby.

Last weekend we stayed in Seattle after a pal's 30th birthday party (Erin is now an old maid!) Our room at the Hyatt was GREAT for the 10 hours we occupied it! Dale had to get to work in the morning so we went to bed at 11:00 and left at 9am! Sasa stayed with the Pud over night. It will be our last night out in a LONG time, I'm sure.

Our yard looks amazing. Sunday was almost 70 degrees and we did a lot of work outside. Ella did a very good job of sticking close and not getting into too much trouble. I can remember not being able to spend time outside last year gardening with her as she would inevitably wonder towards the lake. You couldn't take your eye off her for a second or she was gone. Now, we can have a "helper" in the garden. She is very task oriented and needs a job to help out. Very Wilton'isk. I planted about 12 flowers and the bending over about killed me. What the heck!!!??? I spent most of my time in the yard in my bikini before Ella was born. No problems. Paby is a different story. Thought I was gonna die on Sunday night!!!

Carpet comes next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. We can FINALLY move Ella into her new room and get the nursery set up for Paby. I have everything I need to get us going. It will be nice to get Ella moved into her BIG GIRL BED so that I can set up the nursery. Due date is only 4 weeks away! We had Ella's nursery set up 3 months before she came!!! That's the second child for ya!!!

We got to spend some time at the farm last night playing with and brushing the horses. Duke is very cute about Ella and puts his head down so she can hug his nose and kiss his muzzle. He keeps the other horses away from me. He knows I am pregnant. He gave my belly some sweet little nuzzley kisses. He is a very gentle soul. Love that horse!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost 34 weeks...

This morning Ella and I got around to taking a new preggers pic. She insisted on being in the photo. How cute is she? I have been busy with work and juggling OB appts, massage appts and all the other "life" stuff that happens.

We had bark delivered this week and, luckily, there is someone in the neighborhood that is doing a wonderful job of getting our yard weeded and the bark spread. Dale usually does this (I help) but he is VERY busy and is still not totally over being sick. His cold is lingering on. After tomorrow the yard will be in order which will be wonderful... all before May!

I am feeling tired a lot and very STRETCHED. I have to lay down at some point in the day or my stomach feels so tight that it could pop! Little miss Wilton, which Ella seems to be calling Paby, is kicking the crap out of me non-stop and is very opinionated about what she likes and doesn't like. She is NOT a fan of me sitting for too long! Jabs to the pelvis typically are her reminder that I should really move a little!

We have everything unpacked and back to normal following Maui. I feel like last week was such a wash. We were all kind of in a daze. It was reasonably decent, weather wise, when we got home and rained a little. Made it easier to get back in the swing of things and focus on normalcy. Ella took some MONSTER naps to catch up. It was great to be home!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home sweet home!

We spent our last few hours at the pool soaking in the sun. We were able to squeeze in a little play time with Ella's new friends from London. It will be fun for her to have pen pals in another country. We learned that vacation for a 3 year old is all about OTHER KIDS. Sure mommy and daddy are great, but it was more about playing with other kids than anything else. We didn't really get into that until that last couple of days. Had we figured it out earlier we would have had a little more time of her occupied with kids and Dale and I being able to relax a little more, not chasing her so much ourselves during pool and beach time. Next time we will definitely bring kiddy recruits!!!

We got home last night in the wee hours of the morning. Yes, it was raining and cold... but it felt great to be home and in our own beds. We were excited to see all my tulips up in the garden and just starting to open. That way we will get to enjoy them! There are so many!!!

Dale is very sick and we are giving him a day without AC to "clear up" his lungs, then it is off to the Dr. for him. I am sure he is glad to be home. My cold had come back. Ella looks to be in good health and without any troubles.

Our adventures were wonderful, we had a great time (despite all the baubles) and always look forward to our next trip to Maui!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Maui...

We had a great Easter in Maui. We went to the ocean center and saw all the aquarium fish, we hung by the pool, got to have a SHORT play date with our new friends from London and went to a "family" friendly dinner at Cheeseburgers Island Style. It was a GREAT day for Ella and she was perfect all day! A very nice way to end our little vacation.

Tomorrow morning is all about packing, squeezing in some pool time with our London friends, having baby items picked up by David (and giving him all our left over food), shipping out our totes full of stuff to go home... and getting on our plane!

We will be home to the icky weather before we know it!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last Full Day!

Today is the big push to soak it all in! Tomorrow we will get the morning to enjoy and will have to catch our plane home at about 2 in the afternoon. Our colds are still rather prolific and we are looking to nurse everyone back to health when we get home!

The weather has been PERFECT the whole time we have been here. Yesterday at the pool Ella FINALLY had a great time and didn't want to leave. Her friends she met from London even left and she was happy to play games with us. It was a super pool day! She still isn't interested much in the beach which we find odd. What 3 year old wouldn't want to play in the sand? Oh yeah... our daughter.

There has been a LOT of whale watching to partake of. They are very busy breeding and having their calves. It is such a spectacular site to see a full sized whale breach and come down on the water with a splash. We have a great vantage point of the ocean from our condo. If you put your head under the water you can hear the whales talking to each other.

We have a little bird that Ella named Fred that we have been hand feeding. When he sees us here he comes and chirps at us... little begger! He is a gray cardinal with a red head. Not very skittish and is quite friendly. We see him a few times a day. Hopefully the next guests will continue to look after him!

The last few days we have gotten to have some time to ourselves and go sit on the loungers by the water while Ella naps. We had a run there where she wasn't napping well, was a meltdown mess and we couldn't leave. At night we have been leaving Sasa and Ella home to watch movies so we could enjoy dinner with the Hansens, minus a busy body. Movie time at night is something she likes and happily gives us time away.

We have enjoyed dinner at Longhis the last couple nights. It was AMAZING food and a super time. It was great to get out and enjoy some honey time. We do love it here and would love to spend a month or two here during the winter. 12 days is definitely not enough for us to set into any kind of routine and for Ella to adjust to something new. We are probably more tired coming home than when we left... but... we are tan, sunshined up, have eaten some amazing dinners, and have had some WONDERFUL experiences while here!!!