Friday, May 30, 2008

Three more days... need more rays!

We were awoken this morning by a screaming puddin at 5:30. Needless to say... we are all a little tired. Only an hour of nappy and it will be an early bed time for all tonight. Dale, Ella and I walked this morning for coffee and did a stroll along the boardwalk. Fun family walk it was beautiful. We headed to the beach for some cool morning beach time while Kalee and Michael headed out towards Hana to see some rubber trees and take some photos. Ella is really getting used to the beach and enjoying the water. She took Daddy on a long walk down the beach exploring everything with her toes in the sand. The first day we were here we couldn't hardly put her down by herself. She is also enjoying her pool time more and getting more adventurous jumping and splashing. There were a couple of times today that she dipped her face in the water which is a huge step for her as usually she inhales with a gasp when water trickles down her face! Tonight we had Gary and Judy over for dinner to work on finishing up leftovers. Kind of a community meal of bring what you have and we put together a spread. It was a beautiful sunset and the weather was nice with a warm breeze. A perfect evening. The puddin went off to an early bedtime and we are soon to follow!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

An end is near... must perservere!

We had another low key day today. Last night Ella got too hot and cried a few times during the night which broke up mommy and daddy's sleep. We were a little tired today and the Puddin woke up kinda whiny. I went for my morning walk and then Kalee and I headed out for some errands to give Daddy and the puddin a break... Daddy some alone time and the Puddin some car seat time. We came home the Pud went down for her afternoon nappy a little early. Everyone else had hit the beach while she napped. I visited with the Hansens on the beach and went to Honolulu Coffee Comany for our favorite iced drink (a nutty Hawaiian Latte with coconut and macadamia nut syrup). Later we went to the pool and out for a no Puddin dinner for Dale and I. Tomorrow... we are going back to the beach routine and make sure we come home with as much tan in the final stretch as possible!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not thinking twice... it is paradise!

Another fabulous day in Wailea. Kalee and Micheal went diving today from Lahina while Dale, Ella and I had a quiet day at the condo. We boxed up lots of our extra stuff that we aren't using (going to pack MUCH LESS next time) and took it to Kihei to ship it home UPS. It was a good thing we did that early because we learned that not all UPS pick-up locations will handle heavy packages. So, we found a store that would ship and one box on its way home. We will drop the other box off the day we go home. Dale was able to get work done while Ella and I napped. Bout the time I woke up Kalee and Micheal came home from their dive. Once Ella woke up we headed to the pool for some late afternoon splash time. We made dinner in (great steaks and asparagas with Hawaiian sweet rolls) and chatted over margaritas while the sun went down. The temp was a little hotter today than it has been but the trade winds kicked up this afternoon and gave us some relief. Tomorrow we will have to go back to our normal schedule and hit the beach!

Mommy and daddy get a night out!

Yesterday we did go to the aquarium. It was pretty fun. The Maui Ocean Center is a neat place to go. We did have limited time with the Puddin clock ticking but it was still pretty fun for the 2 hours we were there. We finished our tour with lunch at the Seascape restaurant at the ocean center which had a view of the Marina. It was a very nice lunch and afternoon. Following a Puddin nap we hit the pool for our daily afternoon pool time. Then mommy and daddy headed out for a dinner ALONE! We went to a restaurant at the Grand Wailea that is nestled in the middle of a tropical fish lake that they pump in ocean water to. We had a very nice dinner complete with coconut drinks! They were wonderful. Today we met the Hansen clan at Five Palms for breakfast. It was fun visiting with all of them. They had a wedding to attend today and were trying to get ready for that. We napped and played a game of bocce ball during the afternoon and hit the pool after Ella's nap. We had dinner at a nice restaurant in the Mariott and watched the sunset. Following dinner we did a little shopping at the Wailea shopping center and called it a night!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sand and shovel... out of trouble!

We have all gotten our fair share of sun. Yesterday our bunch was pretty laid back. Lots of naps were taken and shade was coveted! I think today we will be looking for some activities that don't involve a whole day of sun! Maybe the aquarium today??? Ella is doing well. Her troubles from a few days ago seem to have passed. Yesterday she napped for 3.5 hours! She definitely needed some rest. We hung out on the beach with Hailey, Mimi and Papa for a while which Ella thought was very cool. Hailey and her played in the sand for a long time then Kalee and Daddy took the girls out for a swim. It was a great day at the beach! Later we hit the pool and met some fun families there vacationing from various places. Hopefully Ella won't try to mimic the little girl who was jumping into the pool from the side!!! Swimming lessons when we get home!!! UUUGH! We ate at Lu Lu's last night, which is an open air bar on the 3rd story of a building. The food was great and it has a great view. We all had a hard time keeping our eyes open after dinner (could have been our dinner drinks!) while on the couch watching the "Deadliest Catch." How funny to be sitting in Maui watching a fishing show based in Alaska on the freezing Baring Sea.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sometimes rest is best!

We aren't sure if the Puddin is getting her second year molars or if she is not feeling good. Last night she didn't sleep very well and we are all tired. Where else would you want to rest than in the sun of Maui! Probably a low key day today and limiting Puddin activities. Give her a day off from vacation. An hour at the beach or the pool is a big deal for her and she tires out. With beach, pool and dining out every day she is wearing out. So, some down time and relaxation will hopefully do the trick. We spent a lot of time at the beach yesterday and Ella, for the first time, enjoyed hanging with daddy in the ocean. She considers him her personal transport device... like a little cling on! Gary and Judy came yesterday and we went to Friday night fajitas with them. With the swap out of Crystal for Kalee we are still having a 3rd set of helping hands. Today Kalee's husband Michael arrives which will be fun. Kalee and I went to the swap meet today (a place where locals bring fresh fruit and crafts for sale... kinda like a farmer's market). It was fun and we ran into Gary and Judy there. Daddy and the puddin stayed home and rested. Not much on the agenda today... maybe a moi!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New friends arrive and we survive!

Today Crystal left to go home and Kalee arrived. Out with the sunburned and in with the fresh to burn! Ella has had a couple of great days... today... not so much. Who stole my child and left this whiny thing??? No nap in the crib and lots of screaming. It is almost 10:00 right now and she is still racing round the condo. We had a great dinner at the PU PU Lounge and some wonderfully stiff drinks! Yahoo Rum Runner! Yesterday the weather was amazing but today brought in some fog and cooler temps. It was a nice day to do a little shopping while Daddy drove around getting in some freeway fathering while our puddin napped in the pud wagon. We are hoping tonight she sleeps and that the crib is no longer her unhappy place! Although we had a trying day... yesterday was perfection which makes today's tribulations worth it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beach, sleep and Mary's stiff drink!

We are settled in to our daily routine. I get up and walk along the boardwalk at 6am. Dale and Ella wake up at about 7am (we stretch this as long as possible by letting her play in her crib). When the Puddin is up she wants to go outside and explore with Daddy. Crystal is up then, I am back from my walk and the day starts. Sometimes we walk for coffee or we head to the beach. Morning is a great time for Puddin beaching it. The sun is lower and there is shade to build sand castles in. This morning we did some crab hunting and fish watching to change it up a little! Crystal (Ella calls her Te Te) hung out in the sun while we combed the beach. Now we are back at the condo ready for our noon time nappy that lasts about 3 hours. Tonia, Kevin, Rick and Mary are at the beach and we will join them this afternoon for more beach fun. Last night they made us dinner and we visited with them at Gary and Judy's Luana Kai condo. After a few drinks (way to make them Mary!) we headed home and pretty much hit our 9pm bedtime! We are such vacationer fogies! Lots of naps and early to bed. Lots of rest being had here!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sand in your toes... good for the soul!

The last 2 days have been great! We have gotten in beach time or, pool time and are enjoying the 3 hours of nappyville that Miss Ella is taking each afternoon. This morning I got up early and went for a cool walk along the boardwalk and enjoyed the birds chirping and the morning blue of the ocean before it got too hot. Today, while Crystal and Ella were taking a moi, Dale and I got to go and hang out ocean side in a beach chaise with canopy. It was a little slice of heaven! It has been a long time since we have hung out in the sun, beach side without chasing a Puddin! The waves were crashing and we watched a sea turtle wondering about the surf. We got in our walk for Honolulu coffee and went to Kaanapali for dinner at the Hula Grill and walked along the boardwalk as the sun magnificently set. It was another day in paradise!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ahhhh Aloha!

We are here and finally have settled in. Ella is doing great and has her own little room that is the master bed's walk-in closet. We had a full sized crib delivered and she is napping and sleeping at night like a champ (even had a huge fireworks display last night that Ella slept through)! We hit the beach today and got to play in the sand. A very different, active, beach experience for us. As soon as the newness rubs off maybe we will be able to sit and sunbathe. As of now it is all about the play! We did our morning walk to the Wailea shopping center for Honolulu Coffee and then strolled along the water back to the condo for a moi (nappy). The condo is great and it has been a real treat to be able to walk out the door to the beach. So far, all is well and we are looking forward to a good night's sleep... for all!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Momma Mia... watcha me swinga!

It has been a very eventful last few weeks. I celebrated my 34th birthday, my mom got married (now Marilyn Segle!), my mom had surgery (have you had a mammogram lately?), real estate business as usual and it was Mother's Day! It was a very nice day with our Puddin at Jennings Park in Marysville. We are getting ourselves ready to leave for Maui on May 14th. I have most everything ready and am counting the hours to nice HOT weather! So, following our arrival in Wailea, Maui... I will post every other day about our family adventures. Granny Diane... better check in for your Puddin fix!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The sauce make ichy...

So Miss Puddin was running a fever (104) and it was under control with Motrin until that wore off every 4 hours. So to the doctor we went. Another ear infection (only 2 so far). Amoxacillin. Last infection she was on a different antibiotic, so this time we have found out she is allergic to amoxy. Everything about kids you learn the hard way. Little Puddin rash and unhappy girl. The good news is... she wants to cuddle. HORRAH! Ella doesn't really have much use for cuddling when she feels good. It gets in the way of being busy. A quick hug and kiss is all she requires. The cuddle time has been nice but we are hoping she feels better soon (things are looking up) and is ready to go to Maui by the 14th. I am optimistic! We are pulling out all her beach wear and getting things ready to ship UPS. Dale decided that it would be very nice to have it there ready for us in the condo when we arrived. Smart Daddy that has a company UPS account! LOVE THAT! No baggage claim for us! We also have arranged for our friends at to deliver our Puddin' needs so that we don't have to ship a playpen etc. That is a great service. It is ready in your room when you arrive and we ship our baggage to them UPS which is also in our room when we arrive! It's all about who you know! We are getting excited as we get closer to departure. With beautiful days like today it is a little more bearable!