Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Due date is FRIDAY 5/28!

My 39 week photo... probably the last one!
Paby Wilton has decided to stay a while. Last week I thought she was coming. I was very tired and felt pretty miserable. I had enough of the being uncomfortable and cracked! A good cry later, all was well and into another week! The nursery is pretty much done. Daddy picked out a "cupcake" theme that we have decorated in. All her clothes and bedding is washed up and everything we need is in the car for the hospital. Now I am just putzing around the house taking care of incidentals and passing the time!

Ella is doing great and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her little sister. She is dealing well with the adjustment that mommy can't pick her up and she can't sit on my lap. She will be a perfect helper when we need her. She is all moved into her big girl room and has been there, comfortably, for a month now. Daddy picked out a "butterfly" theme and we were able to use some of her decor from the nursery. She really likes it and LOVES when mommy has a slumber party with her. There are 2 twin beds in the room, so I can stay with her if Daddy needs a break from me getting up to pee 47 times at night!

We got a jump on the yard to make sure all was in order with it before the baby came. WOW it looks great. We are going to have one rockin' awesome yard this year since we got irrigation. I can't wait to see my dahlias come up! It is so wonderful to sit out on the patio and RELAX, knowing all is ready for our attention to be diverted.

We are getting closer to being finished with the remodeling. Downstairs is pretty much done. We got new carpet a couple of weeks ago. The house has FINALLY been painted inside AND out. It only took us 15 years to get that done, but it looks great!!! The only thing left downstairs is to refinish the hardwood floors (someday when we can be gone for about 4 days) and add in additional millwork for the mantles over the fireplaces. Upstairs has new paint and carpet. Our next projects will be to gut the kids bath (starting soon) and then on to the master bath (BIG PROJECT, BIG MONEY!!!). Since we won't be moving (probably ever), it is nice to have everything fresh and new. The house was dying on the vine and all our appliances were going one by one. I love being home now as everything is organized and we have gotten rid of TONS of stuff that was accumulated over the last 15 years. Amazing what you can stash in places!

I will update again when Paby arrives...