Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember the fall and November!

We have gotten through a busy October with Halloween toddler parties, visits to the pumpkin patch, Diane's birthday, a costume horse ride and our Squash Surgery party. It was a fun month full of activities for Ella and I while Daddy was at work. Having fun things planned with the Puddin is great to get into the different seasons. We have had a lot of fun just playing in the leaves and enjoying the harvest weather. I have been riding a little bit again which has been wonderful for my soul. Duke is remembering what life was like (well kinda) before there were kids. Forutnately the weather has been cooperative in allowing me to get out and enjoy some miles in the saddle. Heading into November there is lots to do also. We are taking a couple of trips to Sunriver. Our place is getting some new windows and siding that we will be going down to check in on. Then there is always Thanksgiving and the Christmas season kick off that we enjoy there. I will try to post more often throughout the holidays!