Friday, August 29, 2008

Ella's First Pony Ride!

Well, we waited until she was 2 to have her first pony ride. We went with Mickey and Diane to the fair and Grandpa paid for her to ride Honey (coincidentally my first pony's name was Honey). Ella had a blast saying YeeHaw! the whole ride. Very cute. Certainly in her genetics. Sorry, Daddy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's Tail into Fall's Avail

We find ourselves on the tail end of summer and I am glad things will be slowing down a little. Looking back at the blog and all the pictures, I think, ANY WONDER WE ARE TIRED! I love the fall time and the quietness it brings with the changing season. I am not a fan of the rain but usually it is an excuse to turn on the fire and enjoy a warm cup of joe. We have been trying to get in as much family park and outside time as possible, knowing that will be changing soon. Dale had a big event at the Smokey Point store (also the corporate offices where he and his dad work). This is where the picture came from. That was the last scheduled function of the summer. This time of year I usually make a list of things I want to get accomplished and start working on those "inside" chores. Ella and I have been going on a lot of playdates with friends (Eva/MacKenzie and Heather/Stella) and Meetup groups. Breaking up the daily routine with different activities is great (and necessary) for us! We got to visit with Crystal, who was here from NY, and is expecting a baby early December. She looks beautiful and I see her with a different light now, knowing what she will experience in the upcoming months. I am excited for her and Anthony. Ella enjoyed seeing her. She calls her Aunty "TT". Soon Ella will start swimming lessons at the YMCA. It's called the "perch" class. How cute is that? As we settle into fall, I find myself wanting to cuddle with my family.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

From One to TWO!

Check out Ella's year of growin'. Click on "Ella... One to Two!" It was a very busy year of new adventures!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Guess Who is TWO!

Yesterday we celebrated Ella's 2nd birthday. Today is her actual birthday August 4th but we kicked it off in style yesterday with "Cake on the Lake!" Friday we met Mackenzie and Eva at Jennings Park for a play date. The girls ran around in the garden and Ella enjoyed going down the BIG slide. Dale and I went out for a date on Saturday, night for what turned out to be, a celebration of making it to TWO! We had a very enjoyable dinner and movie. We started out the day on Sunday going to Forest Park and the petting zoo. It was mayhem on the toys at the park and she really enjoyed the goats. We are looking forward to the fair this year! Ella's party was really fun. As she gets older she is more curious and able to participate in what is happening. Very cute. She daintily ate her cake with a spoon and was interested in unwrapping her gifts. Such an amazing difference between one and two! We enjoyed a beautiful day, good food, great friends and carrot cake. What a perfect birthday.