Monday, September 8, 2008

Cabin Fun in Plain

We have spent the last 2 weekends at the cabin in Plain. The manly men (Mick and Dale) are working hard at building a garage. While they sweat, pound and toil, Granny Diane and I hang with Ella, pick up pine cones, improve the "landscaping" and tell tall tales! It is so relaxing and a great deal of fun to hang out and listen to the river. Ella has decided that her favorite thing to do is cover herself in dirt. There is not a crevice left pristine. Eating it, putting it down her pants and throwing it are all highly enjoyed occurrences! The leaves are starting to change and it is obvious that fall is peaking around the corner. The vine maple are fiery red in spots of color on the mountainside and along the river. Right now the river is really low and we can see the bottom of the HUGE rock the cabin rests on. The smells of pine and woods are something that calls to me and I eagerly anticipate each time we are able to go back. I love the way the wind travels through the ponderosas making a quiet whooshing sound like the boughs are applauding. My mom had her last chemo and is healing up! HORRAH! She is feeling more spunky and can't wait to get back on her horse. Bear has been very patiently waiting for her to take him for a ride. Ella and I have been visiting her and checking up on the flowers in her garden. Soon this chapter of our lives will be over and she will start growing new hair! As, for now... I will see what I can get for the cabin pine cones I "harvested" on Ebay!