Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting in to the groove...

Dale is feeling better and we are in "relaxation" mode. Yesterday we had lots of fun at the beach and Ella is game for anything that involves water or sand. We built sand castles and covered each with wet sand. We finished out the afternoon with pool time and she took a LONG nap. A big change for her to be asking for a rest! Gary and Judy arrived yesterday afternoon and grabbed some pool time before heading over to our condo for dinner. Dale BBQed some steak and we watched the sun set over the ocean while enjoying each other's company. We finally managed to wash ella's hair (there was still a sizable amount of screaming and yelling stop it!). I am sure all the neighbors think we are beating our toddler or trying to kill her... but at least her hair smells nice! ;0)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling the Aloha, Wailea... Maui.

We got here a couple of days ago and are getting settled in. Dale is sick and fighting the body aches but is glad to be here and enjoying the sun and sand. It's a good spot for R&R! Sorry honey to pass along the ick! The flight and travel went wonderfully and, once again, people who flew next to us had no idea they were seated next to a toddler. She flew like a big girl and even took a nappy on the plane. Our totes of gear were in the room when we arrived and all went off without a hitch. Checking baggage is not for us. Having the vacation totes waiting in your room is the way to go. Hawaiian is now charging $20 a bag for checking luggage. We say... just ship it UPS!!! Ella thinks the beach is the best thing ever and is always in search of other kids to play with. It is AMAZING what a year can do in attention span and courage. She is NOT afraid of the water and will play for hours. We have to call it a day and head back for nap before she is ready to go! Last year, it was 45 minutes TOPS and she was done. There is LOTS of sand castle building, hermit crab watching and rock hunting to be done! We have set into the normal vacation schedule of walk in the morning, beach mid morning, nap about noon (moi for all!), pool time in the afternoon followed by dinner. You will pretty much find us in bed at 9:30 (which is after midnight at home). Since the sun goes down here at 6:30ish, we are more than ready to hit the hay at 9:00! We have seen lots of whales breaching in the water from our lanai view. Those are some BIG fish gettin' their sexy on! Lots of breaching and tail flapping! Craig and Katrina are here, while Gary and Judy come tomorrow. Friends, fun and sun!!!