Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home at last. Flight went really well and Ella thought it was pretty fun to yell, "we're flying!" At least people were amused. Otherwise you wouldn't have even known she was there. Such a great flyer. Thank god for that! We got home very late on Monday night (actually tuesday morning) and I spent all of Tuesday trying to break the fog of exhaustion. Our neighbors were out at 3AM riding their seadoo around the lake. So, there wasn't much sleep had... but at least I didn't have to get up and go to work like Dale did. Unrelenting dedication... that guy. The detox plan has begun. I omitted the coconut from my morning latte and find myself craving broccoli! The sight of chocolate covered mac nuts is making me want to hurl! The sun is out here and that is fantastic. If only the rain would hold off another day or two! It's back to the daily grind. Lots of chores to do and the normal errands to run. Oh, and that pesky thing called work. Hopefully we will be able to go and pick up Woodrow from the farm, where HE has been vacationing. Ella will be glad to have him home. She loves her dog! I saw Crystal today for a last minute visit as she is flying right now, back home to New York. I miss her already. Getting to see baby Jackson was very nice. Maybe a little trip to NY in June for a long weekend is in order. I am glad to be home... there is no place like it and can't wait to see Duke. I have a big bag of apples for him!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The train has left the station. Why is it that life is focused around poop and naps when you have a puddin? Ella is feeling better and pounded out a 3 1/2 hour nap yesterday and 2 express commuters. Thank god! Yesterday we tried the waterpark and it was a total bust. Ella wanted NOTHING to do with all the spraying water. We were glad we didn't have to pay to get in and that Craig and Katrina snuck us in. It was pretty short lived and we left. There were naps had by all yesterday. A little resting and down time was nice. Dale is having a banner vacation... almost read through 2 books. Since Ella he has been lucky to get through 1/2 of one. A true surprise to us all! Gary and Judy are happy that they sold one of their condos while here... a good feeling for them and helping out Gary to not feel so crappy with the cold he is fighting. The aloha spirit comes out in many ways! We went back to Matteos for more pizza last night and bumped into Craig and Katrina. I guess great minds think alike... or maybe it is that they have AMAZING pizza! It was a very nice and mild night and I snored like a sailor, just for Dale's comfort.
This morning Sasa and I went on a walk for lattes and morning ocean views. We came back and went to town to buy some things for shipping our gear back home. We picked up some malasadas to enjoy (a creme filled doughnut that is a local favorite). Now, it's getting ready for the beach.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The last 2 days have been a little more low key. We are well into the "relaxation" mode and can see how hawaiians would never get anything done. There is a lot of napping happening and we seem to be moving a little slower. Might be all the pog juice we are consuming!! It has been very windy in the afternoons and the ocean has had lots of white caps rolling across. We haven't seen many whales the last couple of days with the waters being so rough. Dale and I have been going to the beach or grass point chaise loungers when Ella is napping to enjoy some quiet time. Sasa is getting in her fair share of mois as well. While Ella takes her afternoon moi, we all kinda relax and nap as well. We have this really cute little red cardinal that visits us multiple times a day, begging for crackers. He sits on the lanai railing and peeps at you until you get up and go get him a morsel. His picture is in the slide show. Wednesday night we went out for pizza and Sasa did Ella's bath and bed while we went out for coconut drinks and dessert with Craig and Katrina. Gary and Judy stayed home, as Gary now has the cold which plagues most people we know! The drinks and hula pie were fantastic and we strolled home among the tiki torches and crashing ocean. I love the mornings and nights of Wailea. In the morning I get up at 6:00 or so and walk the boardwalk with a morning cuppa Kona coconut latte. In the evenings we try to do a little oceanfront enjoyment and stroll the boardwalk. It is very nice and the evening temperatures are heaven. Last night we drove to Kaanapali for dinner at Leilani's. We enjoyed different fish entrees and watched the sun set. Ella was not that in to it and was having a hard time so Dale let us eat dessert while he pushed her in the stroller around Whaler's Village. I think we may be back on track with her since her stalemate of "no poop" ended today. Hopefully nap will be LONG and she will feel better. Yesterday afternoon she was asking to go home and see Woodrow and Miko. This morning she needed some coaxing to get her to the pool and we ended up departing the water park on bad terms. Someone has had a little too much ALOHA~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monday, Dale said, was his favorite day yet with Ella. We explored the beach and found a sea cucumber, lots of crabbies and had LOTS of pool time. During nap time, Dale and I went for lunch at the Grand Wailea and walked the boardwalk enjoying the breeze and alone time. Dinner finished the day off with Monday night margaritas at Fred's and a walk along the boardwalk amongst tiki torches. Ella didn't really like the fire dancers that were part of the luau and wanted us to keep pushing the stroller past as she said "FIRE SCAREY!" The evening walk was a wonderful way to end the day... it was an early bedtime for all!!!

Tuesday we met the clan at the 5 Palms restaurant for breakfast. Everyone enjoyed their favorite breakfast items (Dale Hawaiian sweet bread french toast, me... banana and mac nut pancakes and Sasa... eggs benedict). The view is always SPECTACULAR at the Mana Kai 5 Palms and we came back for some food baby beach time! After some beach we headed to the pool. Sasa hung with Ella during nap time and Dale and I caught our own naps on the chaise loungers ocean side. We finished off the evening back at Fred's for tuesday tacos and more margaritas! Another day has slipped by and we are feeling a little sunburned!