Monday, July 28, 2008

Mommy and Daddy wanta nappy!

Aquafest is officially over! The Lake Stevens Festival of Aquafest is always a hoot. We throw a party and enjoy the company of family and friends. It was lots of fun and we are now especially tired having only one full day home last week to prepare for the festivities. Sunday we went to a friends 30th birthday (such a youngun Michael Larson is!). Happy Birthday MICHAEL! Our busy schedule has caught up with us and we are tired. However, Ella, is ready to go and getting into everything, which is very annoying. Currently I am parenting via cartoons and strapped down high chair time! Anything to stop the running and movement! Gotta love Wonder Pets, Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse Club House! I am grateful that we have a week until Ella's birthday and any additional scheduled events. Following that is Dale's CWS company picnic and a grand opening event for the new CWS store in Smokey Point. Oh, and my work... yeah, I guess I need to squeeze that in too! For now... I think the hammock might be calling my name!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Back from Skamania Lodge!

Dale's yearly convention was this week in Stevenson, WA at Skamania Lodge. Almost 11 years to the day we were there previously for our honeymoon. Was fun returning and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I met up with a galpal (Tonia) and visited at her parent's house (Rick and Mary Williams) in White Salmon which is about 25 minutes east of Stevenson. It was fun to see their house and to take a little touristy trip to Hood River for lunch and the cute shops. Hood River is a place I would like to go back to and play a little more. Our time at Skamania was fun and relaxing... all except one part that is. Ella got an ambulance ride to Hood River ER after choking at dinner. Being the choking went on for so long before we were able to get the food out the EMT crew thought it was best to have her checked out. Nothing like being a parent and being kept on your toes! We are trying not to relive the experience being that it is over but it was very scary and we are glad she is ok. Definitely the talk of Dale's convention. I enjoyed nap time and being able to read on the balcony overlooking the River and watching the trains go by below. We are home now and getting ready for Aquafest that is tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Plain Fun!

We had a great weekend at the cabin in Plain (by Lake Wenatchee) doing projects and enjoying the scenery. Diane, Mickey, Andrew, Dale, Ella and I all went over on Friday and stayed until Sunday. While Ella and I worked inside cleaning like gangbusters, the "outside crew" put in walkways, accent river rock and some fencing. It is starting to look really nice over there. We always enjoy going and the sounds of the river while sitting by the nightly camp fire. Ella loves it because she can play in the dirt, eat as much as she likes and run around experiencing new things. It is good fun for all! I snapped this picture of Ella and Mick taking a little work break. Following, She took to rock eating and saying "icky poo!" As always, whenever we go... I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Banks Lake, friends partake...

We went camping with a group of friends to Steamboat State Park on Banks Lake (by Coulee City). It is an annual camping trip we take each year which has turned into a slight version of camping... we are pretty much taking RVs now. Those of us with little kids are deciding it is much easier to nap children (and ourselves) in an air conditioned environment. However, evening fires and smores with conversations focused around worldly topics are still part of the experience! We brought the seadoos and everyone enjoyed taking them out for cruizes on the lake. All in all we had a great time. Our only complaint... fargin mosquintos! We will be working on getting a propane skeeter eliminator!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boobie squeeze, would you please?

Since returning from Hawaii lots have happened in our family. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent some surgery before we left for Hawaii. Today was her first day of chemotherapy. Although the chemo is just preventative (it had not spread to any other tissues or lymph nodes), it has still been a very scary thing for her to undergo. Over the last few weeks we have taken some time to enjoy the horses and getting out together. Her and Dean were married and she has moved out to the farm and now lives with the horses (well not WITH the horses but at Dean's were the horses have been for a while now!). She is now Marilyn Segle. They have been getting situated and moved into their new master bedroom. Dean (aka Pops) is glad to have her home and for both of them to be under the same roof. We are working at getting her house ready to sell. All is well with our family otherwise. Ella has learned to identify herself as an individual person which has been very cute when she is telling stories about what she did or is doing. We will be going camping here soon which should make for some good photo ops!