Thursday, September 9, 2010

Libby is 3 months old!

Oh how time flies when you are sleep deprived! Libby is growin' like a little weed. We continue to hit milestone after milestone. The newest thing is making little noises like a motor boat. VERY CUTE. There is much spit and slobber involved as well as a bib, but what could be more musical to my ears? Libby's belly continues to be trouble. At night there is lots of crying. We are used to it. Ella was the same way. She hasn't grown out of it yet. We have tried EVERY possible remedy to get her to stop screaming. And I do mean EVERYTHING. She has seen 6 different doctors from naturopaths to midwife to chiropractor and of course, our family doctor. Nothing seems to work. We now have an appointment for an xray at Children's Hospital which will be reviewed by a GI infant specialist. Hopefully that will be all clear. There are always hoops to jump through when it comes to kids!

Ella is doing great. She LOVES being a big sister. She tries very hard to be helpful and involved with her little sister. It more turns into pestering her, but it is nice to have her want to be so actively involved and not jealous. They look identical to eachother in the baby stage. You could hardly tell them apart when shown 2 baby pictures at the same age side by side. I played a little trick on Dale with that!

We can't believe that 3 months have already gone by! Before we know it she will be a year old. She is such a happy girl and VERY cooey when her belly is happy. I haven't been doing much work and have been focused mainly on caring for Libby. Ella has started Pre-K school and is there 3 days a week from 9-4. She is LOVING it!!! They call her their little busy body at school. HA! She is their "blessing" for the time there and it is nice and quiet at home! LOL She turned 4 in August and is looking like QUITE the big girl. Amazing how fast that happens!

We havent done much this summer with Libby outside. 2 times we sunburned her in the SHADE. No sun on her but the refection of the rays sunburned her. A very odd thing that kept us inside a lot. She appears that she will have strawberry blond hair and is definitely a red head. No one in the family has red hair.... very odd. The UPS man does, but she looks nothing like him.

As we move into the fall I am looking forward to the cooler weather so that we can do walks and be out during the day. We are having fun and trying to soak in every moment, even the ones that are frustrating with belly upset. Our little family grows and so does that love!

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