Monday, July 12, 2010

Learning new things...

Summer is finally here in Lake Stevens! We have been enjoying some nicer weather, getting outside and feeling like maybe mother nature isn't totally bipolar! The amount of rain and gray days we have had recently had us wondering if summer was ever going to show up! Last weekend we spent 2 wonderful days hanging out on our patio and enjoying the lake. It seems like an eternity since we have been able to do that. The new patio that we poured last summer is very nice and makes for a lot more space to "be". We got some new lounge chairs and a fun floating island that Ella thinks is the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Libby is doing much better. The probiotics she is taking are finally having an effect on her tummy. Things are processing easier and a LOT of the screaming she was doing has stopped. I took her to the chiropractor today and she is VERY out of alignment. Her neck and hips are bent and she is kinda "C" shaped like a little bent wire. I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before... it is so obvious now. Also, the way she likes to be held and comforted has a lot to do with holding her in the right position. The chiropractor is someone who specializes in babies. She adjusted her, which looked like her poking her with her 2 pointer fingers (gently) and home we went. It didn't seem to have a great effect on the "bent" part, but she did have a full diaper today. Not sure if it's totally related, but we will see with the future adjustments I have on the books for her.

Life is getting better. We have switched Libby to another formula that has a little more to it than the hypoallergenic formula she was on. We have been mixing it with the hypo formula to get her used to it at 1/2 strenght. The hypo formula wasn't sticking with her and she was eating every hour and 1/2. She is stretching longer with this formula and seems to be happier, generally. Soon we will give her the new milk full strength and I am sure she will start to give me a 3 hour stretch of sleep at night. I really wanted to ease her into the new type and not create troubles with her bowels being on a less broken down milk.

Ella is doing well. She has started summer camp which is the same as her preschool with new lessons focused around reading enrichment. It is nice for her to have school 2 times a week. She really likes it! If she is not in school I am taking her with me to run errands and spend time together while LIbby is at home with Sasa. She likes the one on one time with Mommy and we do little fun things or have "treats" while we are out and about.

With the sun coming out, I am hoping to do some camping in the travel trailer. I would like to get that ready to go so that we can hit the road when ready! Until then, Dale's company picnic is coming up in 2 weeks, and I was hoping to take Duke for a ride on Saturday! We shall see what happens!


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