Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

We have had lots of little firsts with Libby this week. She is starting to coo and has been making some cute little noises with her voice. She doesn't realize it is HER voice making those little squeals while kicking on the changing table which is pretty cute. We gave her the first bath on June 20th and she has had a few since then. She doesn't like it but she is getting used to the idea of being naked. She had her first afternoon nap in her crib (picture above) and was passed out for 3 hours. She likes to sleep on her belly some and it is the perfect place for her to do that.

Her colicky belly is getting better each day. I am not sure if it is the probiotics she is on or if it is that we are figuring out what makes her more comfortable. The screaming is greatly diminished with only a couple of episodes each day. She is happy and content, typically, during the day which is a wonderful time to enjoy her. She sure is cute! Right now she is going through the baby acne stage and has a bunch of little red bumps all over her face.

Ella is doing good. She will go back to school on tuesday for summer camp. Basically it is the same thing as preschool. She will be excited to see her friends that she has been missing for the last 2 weeks. Daddy has been sleeping in her room while Libby and I occupy the master bedroom. They are enjoying each other's company and that way Daddy is able to get more rest. Libby is still giving me one 2.5 hour stretch at night then waking up every hour to eat. She is one hungry girl!!!

It is a blessing to have each day improve and Libby feeling better. She is one darling little itty bitty being and we are eating her up with love.

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