Friday, July 2, 2010

A Little Relief... Libby is ONE MONTH OLD!

Our little Libby is doing better on the hypoallergenic formula and prune juice. The crying and discomfort is still there but at much less frequency and volume! I took her to a midwife naturopath and we put her on probiotics. That will take about 2 weeks to help regulate her digestive system and get things moving more efficiently. Until then, she is one little gassy and uncomfortable being at times. She will grow out of it.

As of now she is being held in one way or another most of the day. There are windows here and there that she can be put down on something very soft to give us a rest. I also put her in the moby wrap (a kind of baby sling you wear) and go about my business. That last for a while. We can take a walk or I can do chores but it is limited.

Her schedule and Ella's are kind of opposite. It is sometimes hard to get Libby settled before midnight with her fussing and discomfort. Ella goes to bed between 9-10 and Dale has to get her settled and through the night routine. Once I get Libby settled I go to bed, she wakes up to feed almost every hour starting at 2ish and then has an awake time around 6am. She likes to go back to sleep about 7:30am which is when Ella gets up. So suffice to say, both of them are making sure night time sleep is a little questionable.

Alyssa (Sasa) is helping out during the day so I can sleep an hour here or there and get errands run (like groceries) as needed. Sasa is a baby whisperer and can get Libby past her crying fits. The crying doesn't bother Sasa, she just works through it with Libby and settles her as best she can.

As it turns out, Libby really likes to be out and about. We have had a couple of successful outings with her to dinner. As long as the restaurant is loud and lots happening, she is pretty content. Dale has joked that we need to take her out every night! LOL.

We are making sure we enjoy the time that is passing us by. A month has already flown by and she has already gained almost 2 lbs! Although times are tough and trying, we are aware of how important it is to smell the roses and ENJOY her being a newborn. She sure is cute!

I will post more pics soon!

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